Private Training

Owner Jason Harman spends time every year visiting with accomplished high school and college coaches across the southeast in order to get the latest techniques and performance enhancing drills that are being used across the country at the highest levels.  3D Hoops believes that every basketball player can thrive to a much greater degree when they learn the fundamentals of the game in a one-on-one setting. 

Similar to what a golf or tennis pro would teach in their sports, 3D Hoops has basketball personnel that can maximize any player’s potential.  Many players never really master the basics at an early age which can lead to bad habits being formed over time, which are hard to break.  3D Hoops has training programs in place for players that are as young as first grade and as elite as those geared for high school upperclassmen that are trying to compete for college scholarships.  Most importantly 3D Hoops trains basketball players how to better train themselves.  We make a customized practice plan for every player that takes at least 2 individual sessions.  This plan, called “basketball homework” is critical for players to follow if they wish to expedite their improvement.  Basketball is very much a skill sport and we are honest with all players and parents in that there are no shortcuts.  The only way to improve your skillsets is through much repetition over an extended amount of time. 

3D Hoops has sessions that focus on ball handling, shooting, passing, defense, and much more!  Players can sign up for sessions that focus on just one element such as enrolling in a shooting session or players can elect to focus on a combination of all skills while training.  Training sessions last for one hour and are held across the midlands at select gyms in Lexington and Columbia where 3D Hoops has rental contracts in place.  Contact 3D Hoops today to inquire about cost and to set up your first session so that you can find out how to start working on your game!

To set up an Private Session appointment contact or call 803-240-9247