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Have you ever participated in a recreation or church basketball league and got discouraged with the level of coaching that basketball players are receiving? Most leagues have volunteer dads or other coaches that are just coaching for the first time and have little quality basketball experience. Our 3D Basketball division is the place for the basketball players in your family if you are looking for quality coaching by trained basketball personnel. 3D Hoops offers leagues throughout the summer and fall to allow players the opportunity to apply their skills that they learn during our training sessions in live game situations. Our leagues are currently run with boys and girls divisions starting with rising 4th grade going through 9th grade. All coaches are trained 3D Hoops counselors to ensure that each player receives the training that they desire.

Summer, Fall and Developmental League

  • Includes coaching from NCAA approved 3D Hoops Owner, Jason Harman, and other local high school coaches and college basketball players
  • Customized practice plan based on age/skill level
  • 3D Hoops Awards for top league players
  • PA Announcing


Leagues are managed with a focus on player skill development. For our player convenience, leagues consist of one night of skilled development training and a regular game following, all in one night. The skill development practice times focuses on player fundamentals such as shooting. The game days are live game play where players participate in a regular game format with their respective teams. Certain nights in league play are designated as “Situational Scrimmage Night” so that players can get the opportunity to play in unique end of game situations (i.e. when and how to foul when trailing at the end of a ballgame). We believe at 3D Hoops that presenting players with game situations that occur quite regularly to be key for player development.

Guest Speakers are also a consistent element of our leagues with current and former college and NBA basketball players as well as coaches giving our players insight on the keys to success on and off the basketball court!

League play starts June 23rd, 2016. To signup, you must register HERE or by calling 803-240-9247.

League play is held at various facilities around the Greater Columbia area (specifically in Lexington and Downtown Columbia). For more information on 3D Hoops league play please contact us.