Group Training

3D Hoops training model utilizes a step by step philosophy that puts a high value on players interacting in game like situations.  As players continue to build off the lessons that are learned in our individual training curriculum, a player is eventually enrolled into a small group setting with players of a similar age and skill level (this doesn’t mean one-on-one training needs to end because a combination of both methods brings maximum results).  The group approach to training brings the ability to apply the skills that have been learned in our one-on-one settings against competition.  Group topics include many of the same things taught in our individual lessons, however many additional basketball subjects can also be addressed.  3D Hoops teaches players things such as how to play without the basketball, use screens effectively, rebound, make post entry passes, handle the basketball against defensive pressure and much more!

If a player would like to get into a 3D Hoops small group training class, it’s strongly recommended that at least two individual sessions are completed in order for a player to be thoroughly evaluated so that he/she will be placed in the appropriate group.  Since every player has different strengths and weaknesses some players need a lot more individual training before entering a group setting.  An ideal scenario is for a player to continue with individual training one day a week while meeting with their group on a separate day.  3D Hoops has groups for all ages including elementary school beginners all the way through high school seniors preparing for basketball at the college level.  Groups are held at select gyms in the SC midlands. Group offerings in Columbia utilize the nice basketball facilities of First Baptist Church Downtown.

To sign up an Group Training Session please contact us at or call 803-240-9247