3D Hoops runs basketball clinics throughout parts of the Carolinas. Many of our clinics are open to the general public. Whether you are a guard, forward, or true post player contact us today to find out when our next clinic will be held in your geographic area.

Many clinics are done per request by coaches throughout the Carolinas. Whether you are a high school basketball coach looking to further develop the fundamentals of your players and can’t spend more time with your team because of high school league rules or a recreational league coach looking for some extra practice ideas, 3D Hoops can help you! Call us now to schedule a player clinic for your team at your facility! We have coaches who specialize in training guards or post players. We can also assist you with coming up with new offensive and defensive systems for your team to maximize current personnel.

Clinics can have specific topics of coaching such as the ones below

Key Points of Emphasis:

  1. Desire, Discipline, Dynamic - The 3D steps to becoming a complete basketball player
  2. Top 5 Current NCAA College Basketball Drills for guards scoring off the Dribble
  3. 5 Effective ways to Score using the Screen with or without the ball (i.e. Curl, fade, flare, etc.)
  4. 3 Critical Steps to Being a Productive Post Player (without ever taking a dribble!)
  5. How to be a top flight defender at any position