Summer League Week 5 Recap

Week 5 the 3D Hoops Summer League, as we approach the playoffs the intensity in the gym has never been higher!  With stellar performances from Mitchell McGee and Mason Carver to push their teams to victory.


White vs Blue: 24-20 (Blue Wins) Jaden Kordes and Caleb Dailey team up and shut down the White team 24-20.

Orange vs Grey: 36-30 (Grey Wins) Houston Jones goes a shooting spree and puts up 20 in Grey team’s win over Orange.

Orange vs White: 30-20 (Orange Wins) Down to only 3 players, the white team didn’t have enough to stop Keldrick Bouknight and the big man down low Jaden Gainey’s scoring rampage.

Blue vs Grey: 32-22 (Grey Wins) Again, Jaden and Caleb battle it out to become their team’s leading scoring taking one away from the White team.


Grey vs Orange: 68-64 (Orange Wins) The relentless Mitchell McGee and dynamic Dylan Little battle it out on the court to claim dominance in the league.  This time the orange team came out triumphant and ready to enter the playoffs.

Blue vs White: 38-34 (White Wins) The loss of key player Davis King from the blue team has made it difficult for them to find their footing.  Winning a close game for the White team, Mason Carver asserted his position as one of the best players in the league and putting the White team in the one of the top seed positions.

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