Summer League Week 4 Recap

Week 4 of the 3D Hoops Summer League came and went last night and we had some great games with one even going into overtime. As always featured below is a recap of all you need to know about last night’s summer league action!

4 on 4 Game of the Night: Starting at 6:35 on Wednesday night we had a great match-up between the White and Grey teams that was originally though to be a blowout in favor of the Grey team, but a furious second half rally from the White team proved otherwise. Right as the first half started it was obvious that all of the Grey teams starters were going to be on fire for the night. Just two minutes into the game the Grey team, led by Isaiah Boyd and Grayson Renner, were already ahead by score of 10-0.  But as the first half continued the White team was able to slow down the pace of the game and brought the score back to a very manageable score of 18-10 at halftime, after Luke Swearingen and Brandon Mefford led the team on a 10-2 run. But as the second half began he Grey team went on another offensive run and widened there lead to the score of 26-10 with just 4 minutes left in the game. Coach McPhail called a timeout to rally his players at the 4 minute mark and it made a huge difference. Right out of the timeout Luke Swearingen and Stephan Jones were on fire and tied the game up at 26 for the White team with just a minute to go. But a late 6 point push from Houston Jones, Ryan Smoak, and Grayson Renner proved to be to much for the White team and the Grey team won 32-26.

7:00- Orange vs. White: To start the 5 on 5 games for the night we had a very defensive game early on, but we also had a lot of offensive fireworks in the 2nd half that led to a victory for the Orange team to the score of 39-33. It was a very defensive game during the first half until Donny Chiarel started to light up the board from the low post for 8 points late in the second quarter. But early on in the third both teams started to find there shooting rhythm with Luke Swearingen, Jonathan Corley, and Will Edwards all scoring for the White team, but they were answered shot-for-shot by Evan Eckstrom and Mitchell McGee of the Orange team. By the end of the 3rd quarter the Orange team had a commanding lead over the White team by a score of 32-25. But the White team, led by Donny Chiarel and Jonathan Corley, gave them a 1 point lead with just 3 minutes left in the game. Two late fouls on Jacob Kaufman led to a 39-33 victory for the Orange team.

8:15- Grey vs. Blue: The second 5 on 5 game of the night had the largest amount of points scored by one player since the beginning of the Summer League. The Grey team led by Dylan Little, Forrest Alvarez, Andrew Robinson, and Wyatt Hall was just too much for the Blue team to handle. The Grey team defeated the Blue team to the score of 70-29. Early on a two man offensive attack of Dylan Little and Andrew Robinson set the pace for the whole game. Coach Brian Steele was quoted saying, “We had already lost to the Blue team once and we were not going to lose to them again.” And that quote proved to be true with Robinson and Little combined to score  23 in the first half where the whole Blue team 0nly scored 19 during that time span. Dylan Little continued his scoring onslaught and ended the game with 31 points. But the Blue team did not give up until the final buzzer and everyone continued to play hard until the very end.

4 on 4:
Orange 18-Blue 20
Blue 38-White 36
Orange 20-Grey 36
Grey 30-White 26
5 on 5:
White 33-Orange 39
Grey 70-Blue 29

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