Summer League Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the 3D Hoops Summer League came and went last night with a lot of great games. Some of the Lexington Area’s top talent was on display last night in four 4 on 4 games as well as two 5 on 5 games. Featured below is a recap of all you need to know about last night’s summer league action!

4 on 4 Game of the Night: Starting at 6:30 last night’s White vs Blue match-up was a showcase on how defense should be played with the White team winning 18-14. Coach McPhail showed off the White team’s offensive prowess last week, but this week his team showed off their defensive skills by keeping the Blue team’s triple threat of Michael Hammer, Austin Griner, and Caleb Dailey in check until late in the second half. Caleb Dailey scored 6 points late in the game for a game total of 8, but Jonah Buriss of the White team was able to go shot-for-shot with Caleb and ended up with a game high of 10.

7:00- White vs. Blue: We had a great match-up in our first 5v5 game. We had a lot of offensive fireworks between both teams, but in the end the White team prevailed 52-42. In the first quarter we had an offensive duel between Davis King and Mason Carver. Davis did all of his scoring down low or at the free throw line and ended up with 10 in the first quarter, but Mason had his three pointer on tonight and was 3 for 3 from three point range to end up with 9 in the first quarter. With Davis continuing where he left off in the second quarter, Coach Carver called a timeout and shored up his defense to hold Davis to just 4 points the rest of the game. The Blue team made a furious comeback late in the 4th quarter with Jonah Buriss leading the way, but it was not enough to beat the 4th quarter offensive explosion by Will Edwards and Jonathan Corley.

8:00- Grey vs. Orange: The second 5 on 5 match-up of the night continued the trend of great 5 on 5 games with the Grey team defeating the Orange team to a score of 37-31. We had a great defensive display between both teams, but with the Orange team losing two players to fouls early in the 4th quarter was key to the Grey teams victory. Holston Behles had a game high of 16 and did most of his damage from the three point line. But that was not enough to combat the combined attack of Dylan Little, who ended with 14, and Wyatt Hall, who ended with 11.

4 on 4:
White 32-Orange 22
Grey 12-Blue 8
White 18-Blue 14
Orange 34-Grey 12

5 on 5:
White 52-Blue 42
Grey 37-Orange 31

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