Summer League Championship Recap

The Championship Round of the 3D Hoops Summer League took place last night with a lot of exciting basketball action. We at 3D Hoops want to thank everyone who participated in our league, we had a great time with all of you and we look forward to seeing everyone participate in other 3D Hoops events in the future. Featured below is a recap of all you need to know about last night’s summer league action!
4-on-4 Championship Game: Last night’s 4-on-4 Summer League Championship game was a game for the ages. We had two very well coached teams in the Orange and Grey teams going head-to-head for the 4-on-4 crown. Going into the game you could feel that there was a championship atmosphere to the game and that both teams were really locked-in for the game. Early on it was a back and forth battle between the teams with the Grey team having trouble finding their shooting rhythm and Jaden Gainey of the Orange team was grabbing all of the rebounds off of the misses. Late in the 1st half coach Bret Jones of the Grey team called a timeout to talk a little offensive strategy and it paid of bigtime. Right out of the timeout Houston Jones and Isaiah Boyd found there rhythm and were able to give their team a lead, but not for long. Keldrick Bouknight and Matthew Epting shot consistently all night and were able to give the Orange team a 13-8 lead at halftime. Coming out of halftime Keldrick continued his offensive onslaught with the help of Cal Stevenson and they were able to push the Orange team’s lead to 23-8 with just 4 minutes left in the game. But Houston Jones and Ryan Smoak were not going to allow the Grey team to go down without a fight. Together they brought the Grey team back and they only trailed 23-20 with a minute to go. With just 13 seconds left in the game Isaiah Boyd drove to the basket and was fouled but not before he put up a shot that bounced off the backboard. After making the free throw the Grey and Orange teams were tied at 23 with just 6 seconds left. Right before the buzzer Matthew Epting put up a shot that just missed its mark. Early in overtime Keldrick Bouknight was able to put his team up 28-23, but late in the game the Grey team came roaring back to be down only by 1 with 8 seconds left. On the inbounds pass from the Orange, Jalen Williams of the Grey team was able to steal the ball and put up a last second shot that went around the rim twice then rolled out. The Orange team defeated the Grey team 28-27. Congratulations to the Orange team on their great Championship season.
5-on-5 Consolation Game: In the first 5-on-5 game of the night we had our Consolation (3rd Place) game between the Grey and Blue team’s. Right out of tipoff Dylan Little showed why he is the 3D Hoops Summer League MVP by scoring two quick baskets off steals and assisted another score to put the Grey team ahead 9-0. But Reece Fields and Josh Buriss slowed down the pace of the game and they were able to bring the Blue team to just being down by 1 point at the end of the first quarter. As the 2nd quarter began Wyatt hall made his presence known with three baskets made while being fouled. Those three point plays from Wyatt allowed to the Grey team to put a little room between them and the Blue team going to half with the score being 31-25. Grey team head Coach Chris Proctor made some defensive adjustments at halftime and the Grey team only allowed 11 points the rest of the game. Those adjustments were key to the Grey teams victory by the score of 49-37.
Between the Consolation and Championship games we gave out our Summer League Most Improved Award winner and the Summer League Most Valuable Player. The Most Improved winner was a very difficult choice because we had many players get much better throughout the season. The one that stood out to the 3D Hoops staff who decided the winners was Max Holland of the Orange team. Max was a good player going into the beginning of the season, but had a tendency to only patrol the 3 point line. As the season progressed he became much more physical and not only made shots from 3-point range he also would be very physically when driving the lane which would usually result in a basket, Max being fouled, or both. The emergence of Max enabled the Orange team to have a very balanced offensive attack from inside the paint and beyond the 3-point line. The recipient of the Summer League MVP was a very hard decision to make, but the 3D Hoops staff voted on Dylan Little of the Grey team. Dylan was able to put his team on the back in many games and show why he was the most dominating scorer in the league. He averaged 27 points per game and had 4 games out of the 7 where he scored 30 or more points. To go along with his prolific scoring Dylan was an assist machine and was very stingy on defense. Dylan was also a leader, when things got tough Dylan never looked down and always pushed his team to continue to play at a high level. Great job this season by both guys!
5-on-5 Championship Game: Before the start of the Championship game you could feel the tension in the air. The game matched up two MVP candidates in Mitchell McGee, of the Orange team, and Mason Carver, of the White team. From the beginning of the game White team big man Donny Chiarel made his presence known with an early put-back for a score and three strong defensive rebounds in just the first minute. Along with his defensive rebounding Mason Carver and Justin Myers were able to lock down Orange and only allowed 9 points in the first quarter. Donny continued making his presence known in the paint by scoring 6 of his 18 points in the 2nd quarter, but David Smith of the White team made the most of his playing time by scoring 7 in the second quarter and kept three point shooter Holston Behles quiet. At halftime you could already begin to feel that the White team would continue to slowly pull away with the game, but the Orange team never gave up for a second. Two late three pointers from Evan Eckstrom added to his game total of 8 and Max Holland was able to do damage from inside the paint and along the three point line for 10 points during the 4th quarter. But that was not enough to stop the White team’s steady offensive and defensive pressure and gave them the Championship game win 59-43.

Blue 20- Grey 27
Orange 28- White 26
Championship Game: Orange 28– Grey 27
Grey 49- Blue 37
Championship Game: White 59– Orange 43

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