2016 Summer League Playoff Recap

This week was playoffs for the summer league, and we had some great games to end the season!

In the first game of the night, the number 1 seeded hornets took on the 4th seed, the thunder. The hornets played without their biggest threat, Forest Havird, for most of the game. The team struggled without their main offensive talent, and the thunder played their best basketball of the whole season. Trenton Jordan and Marquise Robinson led the way for the Thunder, propelling them ahead to a 68-52 win knocking out the number 1 seed and advancing to the final.

In the second game, the Cavs took on the Warriors, and it was a dandy. It was a close game for most of the time, until the play of Caleb Dailey and Jayson Combest took over. The Warriors were led by their big man inside Tradd Castles, as well as Asa Griffin helping out as much as he could. Colton Fitch had another great game for the Warriors as well, but just couldn’t help pull his team to victory. The final score ended up being 51-39, the cavs win and advance to the final to take on the Thunder.

In the Championship game, the 3 seed took on the 4 seed. The Thunder vs the Cavs. The Thunder jumped out to an early lead and never looked back from there. Caleb Dailey and Jayson Combest tried their best to hang with the hot shooting from the Thunder, but it just wasn’t enough. Alex Staton also played great minutes and helped the Cavs, but the hot play in the final game by Trenton Jordan, Marquise Robinson, and Reid Avery pushed the Thunder ahead for most of the game. The hustle by Carson Halter really helped as he secured rebound after rebound to get the ball out in transition to his play-makers. The Thunder took home the title of the 2016 Summer league and became champions as they won with a commanding 57-33 score. The Thunder were coached by Brandon Edge.


Thanks to everyone for another great summer league!



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