3D Productions

At 3D Hoops, we prepare our players through our training sessions, camps, leagues, and Club Basketball Program to become dynamic basketball players. Our 3D Productions division is where players can showcase their skills in the most competitive settings against top notch competition. If you are in middle school or high school and are serious about showing others you’ve taken your game or team to the next level, look no further than one of our NCAA Certified Events.

3D Productions has several different types of events that we manage. Our division focuses on offering basketball platforms that bring exposure to the more elite hoops players. Events we produce include high school tournaments, AAU tournaments, and premiere showcase events.

Our goal is to demand that our events are produced in a way that highlights the 3 D’s in everything that we do. At 3D Hoops, we desire for our productions to be managed with the utmost quality. Our events will contain discipline in the way the teams and coaches interact, fans behave, the use of our certified referees, as well as all of our volunteers and employees having the utmost professionalism. Therefore, our basketball experiences that we create will be dynamic! We want players, coaches, and fans to leave feeling upbeat about their time with 3D Hoops whether win or lose.

If you have a basketball event that you are considering taking on and would like us to consider managing it for you, please look at the information below to see all the various ways 3D Hoops can enhance your planning process. We can produce an event from start to finish or you can outsource a portion of your tasks to us allowing yourself to focus on the objectives most important to you!


  • Establish a sound budget and accurately maintain it
  • Help monitor all expenses
  • Help maximize all revenue streams


We consult organizations on all aspects of their events to help take them to the next level.


Create an emergency action plan for various situations.


Event operations and logistics is where all the time spent planning the event comes together in the execution of the event.

  • Site Layout
  • Map designs
  • Set up and tear down
  • Overall event management


Knowing where to start when putting an event together can be very confusing and intimating. We can help secure the proper permits needed to stage the event along with working closely with city officials on the event logistics.


We can create a cohesive identity for events using signage to highlight sponsors, direct participants and spectators and inform people of activities/events taking place.


Develop a plan to efficiently move participants and or spectators between venues, from airport to hotel along with securing the vehicles needed to handle the job.


With years of experience, we understand how to negotiate favorable contracts for our clients along with building strong relationships with the vendors to help form great partnerships between the vendor and the client.


Staging a large event takes the help of many volunteers and it is important to have a strong organizational system in place.

  • Assist in volunteer recruitment
  • Develop organizational chart
  • Coordinate volunteer meetings
  • Coordinate volunteer training sessions