3D Hoops Academy Basketball Training

Our Academy division runs a full-scale basketball training program complete with private and group lessons. Much like golf or tennis pros, we work with individuals on developing skills in all areas of the game. Unlike leagues, which offer general training only, we are comprehensive in scope.

Training is open to players of all ages and skill levels, from elementary children just starting out to elite high school players. Players can form their own group for training sessions or players can sign up individually and be inserted into a group with other 3D Hoops players.  All players must complete as least one individual evaluation session before beginning group play for accurate assessment.  Contact us to discuss our training programs and determine the best instruction for your specific playing needs.

Customized Training Programs

At 3D Hoops Academy we have experienced coaches that specialize in teaching both new players and upper-classmen students. No matter the program, each instructor works with players on the essential fundamentals of the game.  For players that desire to maximize their potential, our coaches create  a personalized program with homework to ensure training is done on a daily basis. These students are held accountable for their training at home and on our court.

Sessions can be tailored to the position you play, however we see much value in teaching students multiple positions on the court to ensure a more versatile player overall.

3D Hoops is based out of Lexington, SC, however we offer basketball training opportunities throughout the Carolinas.  Contact us today to begin  your personalized basketball training program and take your game to a higher level!