3D Basketball

Our 3D Basketball Division is where players have a great opportunity to compete against quality competition via our leagues and AAU program.  3D’s coaching staff makes sure that all players are given the opportunity to get game experience so that no player is left sitting on the bench for an entire game.  Our coaches want to win and our programs are as competitive as any in the marketplace, however the fundamental development of a player’s skillset for their long term success is our number one priority!

At 3D Hoops, we believe in basketball being a true team concept and teach the game accordingly.  All-Star level players are certainly welcome and sought after however the best basketball analysts around the country now agree that the best all-stars are those that make their teammates better.  We preach this mantra throughout our program as true teams are much more than just a collection of talented players. 

Competing in live game action is part of our training philosophy as all academy players are encouraged to participate in one of these programs.  The skillsets players are developing in 3D’s training sessions can be applied to real game situations that challenge players to think quickly and react to their game circumstances.  If you are a guy or girl from elementary school to high school we may have a basketball league option for you. Please check our league and AAU pages for more information!